Germain’s Shadow Box

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Added on September 24, 2009

Germain has submitted a beautiful shadow box for our viewing pleasure, let’s check it out:

I finally finished the shadow box I’ve been working on for many weeks. I want to thank Marc for all the inspiration and assistance he provided on this project. This alone was worth my TWW Guild membership. I also owe thanks to my friend, Dewey Torres, who provided encouragement and the use of his drum sander.

This shadow box is somewhat unique in that it includes a rank insignia for a US Air Force Technical Sergeant (E-6). I made it for a Tech Sergeant I work with who is retiring this month. He requested a shadow box and provided an example he found online. Members of the military command where we work asked if I could produce such a shadow box. I was reluctant at first. I had never made a shadow box or a rank insignia. But I wanted to help my coworkers and gave it a shot. I thought the example in the picture they provided was a bit lackluster. I came up with my own design. Apparently, my first shadow box, and my first self-designed project, turned out OK. It was well received when I delivered it.

For those not familiar with military shadow boxes, they are often presented as gifts to officers and enlisted members at retirement ceremonies. Inside the box, medals, rank insignias and special mementos are affixed. A US flag is also included.

This box is made of alder with General Finishes “Warm Cherry” oil stain applied. The Tech Sergeant stripes and flag frame are maple. The finish is four coats of General Finishes Arm-R-Seal satin.


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