Rick’s Corner Table with Inlay

Viewer Project - By Rick Roades from Broken Arrow, OK
Added on September 27, 2011

David Marks inspired the design and process, Norm inspired the finish, but that had to be modified. Norm also inspired the “nested” idea. But that came later after botching a beveled edge and having to trim the original table top back beyond the inlay. Having wanted to build the Nest of Tables, this became an opportunity to do that.

The layout followed David Marks. Using the top as a template, I did a full layout of the base. Placement of legs (which are rotated 45 to front of table, square to the walls), reveal of the aprons, etc. These layout marks were later used to mark cut lines on the aprons. Simply lay the apron stock on the template, mark where it meets the legs, cut. No measuring, no worries about exact angles. If the angles are drawn right on the template, the layout can be transferred easily and accurately.

Joinery was mortise and tenon, except for the front apron, which was loose tenons, as I didn’t think I could cut the 45 degree tenons at my skill level.

Assem-buh-ly was done with a band clamp to pull the 45’s together, bar clamps to pull the 90’s together. Care – and 2-3 dry fits – must be taken to be certain the bar clamps are square or they pull the 45’s out.

Sanded to 220 (for blotch). End grain was burnished to help slow absorption. 1/8″ masking tape to protect the inlay. This has to be perfect, and where the tape meets in the corners has to be flat on the inlay right up to the perpendicular tape to prevent stain from being worked under the tape should it “slope” up to the adjoining tape.

1/2 lb. cut Sealcoat – 2 coats
1 coat GF Georgian Cherry gel stain
1 coat GF 1:1 Georgian Cherry / Java
2 coats Arm-R-Seal wiped on, undiluted

White abrasive pads were used to remove excessive hard lines where stain had built up along side the tape causing the oil to accentuate the flaw, as well as any dust or other in-between coat needs 2 coats 1:1 diluted Arm-R-Seal wiped on.

The nested corner tables fit nicely in the entry hall allowing for the front door to open without hitting them.


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