Nik’s Mashing Fork/Rakes

Viewer Project - By Nik Brown ( from Canton, OH
Added on March 10, 2015

Canton Brewing Company cares enough about their brewing process and supporting local craftsman that they hired me to hand make some traditional mashing forks for use in their beer production. If they care this much about the details of their tools, I can’t wait to try their brews!

They needed commercial size and robust tools but wanted them made in a traditional form. After meeting with the brewmaster, we decided on Ash as a strong and robust handle material. I selected the straightest grain Ash I had available.

I chose walnut as a secondary wood as I felt the colors complemented the Ash well. I shaped the top of the handles by hand with a rasp. All the joinery was reinforced with pins.

This was a great opportunity and quite a fun little project that’s totally different than anything I’ve ever tackled.


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