Cameron’s White Oak Cabinet

Viewer Project - By Cameron Nagelkop from Winnipeg
Added on March 14, 2015

This was my Final Project for my Cabinetry and Woodworking Technology Course At Red River College. It’s made from all solid white oak, the only sheet goods used were for the bottoms of the drawer boxes, the substrates for the veneered drawer fronts, and the bottom of the case itself.

The veneered drawer fronts are Wenge for the field and Santos Rosewood for the diamond. The Greene & Greene plugs are made of Walnut.

The design is a blend of Mission and Greene & Greene styles with the design for the shape and arrangement of the door and drawer front top rails being inspired by The Wood Whisperer’s Gadget Station that he built for Leo Laporte.

The overall build time for this project was 7 weeks, with one week allotted for finishing.

All of the rail and stile connections are haunched mortise and tenons.

The finish for the case, doors, drawer fronts, drawer boxes, and shelf is 5 coats of Zinssers clear shellac thinned to a 1½lb cut. The finish for the top is 3 coats of zinssers clear shellac thinned to a 1½lb cut on the bottom side and 1 coat of nitrocellulose lacquer on the top side for a bit more protection.

The hinges are blum cliptop 107* inset hinges, and the slides are accuride 100lbs full extension drawer slides (yes i know, extremely overkill)

I spent around 2-3 months designing this piece in SketchUp before drawing it in Autocad 2013 and then building the piece in real life. There are a few things I missed out on adding due to time constraints. I was going to have some more splines and plugs along the flat edge of the top below the ogee.

In the end I’m very happy with the final product.


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