Len’s Arts and Crafts Dining Table

Viewer Project - By Len Meyer from Mesa, AZ
Added on May 5, 2013

This dining table is Arts and Crafts Prairie style to mate with a set of 6 dining chairs completed prior and also posted on Marc’s viewer projects. The table is 84″ by 43″ at standard height and seats 6 spaciously with room for at least two more diners. It replaces a smaller round table that matched the Copenhagen style teak buffet in the photo background.

I wanted to keep the buffet so I selected Canarywood for the table top since it has a bold grain and coloring that is complimentary to teak that has aged a bit. I stayed with Cherry for the table frame since it matches the Rodel design chair set and other nearby pieces. I expect the cherry frame to darken with time and improve in contrast to the top relative to the new table photos.

I used 4/4 Canarywood available locally and built up to 8/4 for the breadboard ends and for the tabletop edges to provide the massive look of Prairie style without the weight and expense of thicker material. The breadboard ends were installed with both a long base tenon and six extended tenons using a combination of techniques from Rodel and Garrett Hack. The Wenge plugs cover the screws used to anchor the breadboard to the top tenons. The legs and apron pieces are solid cherry with mortise and tenons that can be disassembled on the long aprons.

The finish is Watco Natural followed by 4 good coats of Minwax Poly wipe-on. I did just a little testing with water and wine drops and this seemed to be the best choice for me for a bit of protection.