Joe’s Big Closet

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Added on July 25, 2008

This week’s project comes from Joe and boy is it a doozie! Let’s here from Joe himself:
For those who have not seen my closet that I built…here you go. Yet another reason to visit Szeremet Arms Estates. This took me around 6 months to complete and is made of Maple. Lots and lots of maple (Hardwood Maple). You will also notice I built in lighting into each cell with the help from my friend Blake. There are 9 brass bars and the tops are capped and rock solid for holding huge amounts of stuff in bins. All of the plies used were under A1. Good finish work and artful layout reduce the need for premium wood. In fact if you are not totally dedicated to the finish….never buy the best grade its a waste. I always buy wood that is warped or dinged knowing how I am going to use it allows me to help out the reseller and get a better price.


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