Ed’s Potting Bench

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Added on August 9, 2008

This project comes with a little bonus, a picture of Ed’s shop too! Here’s what he had to say:

I included a picture of my shop which is just over 200 ft2. Instead of buying the PM2000 (or SawStop) I built a variation of your assembly table and installed a guided saw and router system. In my small space I need something versatile. You can see my old ShopSmith in the background. So in my little space I have all the tools I need — it just takes some planning and setup time.

The potting bench is made from construction common redwood. This is less expensive, but I took my time sorting through the available stock to find the best boards. It still has a kind of rustic look with a few knots here and there. Rather than use carriage bolts I assembled it with waterproof glue and #12 screws and then I plugged the screw holes to prevent rust and give a more finished appearance. The top is 1/2 inch plywood covered with oak flooring left over from another project. Finish is spar urethane on the top and General Finish Outside Oil on the redwood base. The table will stay in the garage, but can be easily rolled outdoors for working in the fine Colorado weather. It won’t see real weathering but can safely be hosed off.

I made it 33 inches high to suit my wife. We found the enamel-on-steel basin on the Web and I set it flush into the top so potting soil can be brushed into it. The bowl lifts out for easy cleaning.


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