Jim’s Low Entertainment Center

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Added on November 10, 2010

Hey Marc, I just finished my take on your low entertainment center. I knew I wanted to do something different for the doors. I was at Lowe’s looking for a leaky shower fix and was cutting through the plywood aisle, and there it was – 1/4″ birch, but the sheet on top was spalted. It was pushed off to the side. People were probably like “What’s with these black lines?” – and I saw it and said “Perfect!”.

It was a good project, and I want to make a whole living room set that matches now. I built it during the heat of Summer in an outside garage in Jacksonville, FL. Although not as “hot” as a desert, the humidity made up for the difference. It’s still missing shelves, so I have work to keep me busy. I probably won’t start on a new project until Spring. Not sure whether to make the coffee table next, or a fish tank display. Thanks for the motivation and insight!


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