Anthony’s Workbench

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Added on November 8, 2010

From: Anthony Malin

Location: Poughkeepsie, NY

Amateur or Pro: Amateur

Finish Used: The Finish is something I received from Chris S. from PW. It is 1/3 BLO, 1/3 Varnish, and 1/3 Mineral Spirits and is just wiped on the freshly hand planed wood.

Wood Species: The majority of the wood is Rock Tiger Maple with Cherry Accents. The parallel guide for the leg vise is QS White Oak.

Project Description:
The was my first large project. I made one box before, a storage cabinet, and some radiator covers before diving into this project, but nothing of this magnitude. I used vise hardware from, as well as the plans for the bench.

The inspiration came from a video I watched on The Wood Whisperer site a few years ago. Marc had mentioned it was a right of passage for woodworkers to build a bench and that stuck with me every since.

I met a man who owned a saw mill and he had hundreds of Board Feet of 8/4 Cherry and 8/4 Tiger Hard Maple. I bought hundreds of feet of both and got to it. It was all in rough form so I had to mill every single piece of lumber you see in the project. I have blogged about my building process at if anyone is interested in seeing the process in more detail.

Marc, since you have been one of the main factors in me buying the tools necessary to get my shop together, it would be an honor to have my first project shown on your site that has brought inspiration to me and so many others. I honestly watched every video on your site in November 2008. Then in December 2008, I called Grizzly and made 7K order of all the tools in your shop. Some unfortunate circumstances prevented me from even opening the crates until the end of 2009, but I have since got things rolling.

This project also helped me jump into the addiction that is Festool with the purchase of my first Festool tools: a 1400 router and Ct33 dust collection system. I LOVE Festool and will continue to purchase their tools as my budget will allow.

My love for vintage hand tools is what sparked my purchase of some new hand tools. I ordered an entire set of Veritas Bevel up planes and absolutely love them!! I have also purchased a set of Lie Nielsen chisels and a Block plane, as well as their dovetail saw.

I hope this makes it onto your site, which again would be a huge honor!


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