Geoff’s Cutting Board Glueup Jig

Viewer Project - By Geoff from Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Added on June 4, 2011

I made a very simple gluing jig for cutting board strip lamination. Basically a 20×30 inch piece of Baltic birch ply with a lot of grooves routed in for glue squeeze out and a back fence and side fence. You have no problems with clamping up the board pieces. They do not move around or slide out of alignment either vertical or horizontal. With the two rails you get a 90 corner and quick clamp ups.

Length wise is for edge grain glue up and short side is for the end grain glue ups. Although either would work depending on board dimensions. I have an easy time clamping up numerous pieces in this jig. I experience no troubles with squareness of the cutting board strips, no vertical movement with clamps in place and time to work prior to glue setting up. The end result is a very nice lamination that is square and mostly flat. A few passes through the sander or planer as it is still edge/face grain. Then you know the flips and turns for end grain and finally a few passes through the drum sander and it’s finished.

Check out this video tour of Geoff’s jig:

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