Eric’s Sharpening Station

Viewer Project - By Eric from St. Louis, MO
Added on May 14, 2015

The station was designed with heavy elements so it would stay put while lapping and honing. Built of white oak with rot-resistance in mind. Wenge accents. Breadboard ends and tusk tenons just for fun. The stone holders are removable and held in place with dowels, and they’re stair-stepped so chisel handles have clearance of the adjacent stone while lapping the backs. The swarf collection tray is also removable and replaceable. Now I can take a blade from dull to sharp in a matter of seconds without unpacking all my sharpening supplies. A worthy expense of shop space even in a small, packed shop. I’ve taken some heat that it’s “too nice” for shop furniture. To that I can only respond, you may please have a snack of poop. I believe Confucius said that.


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