Brick & Floor Pattern Triple Drawer Case

Viewer Project - By Yen (Gary) Hou from NY
Added on May 13, 2015

I started with all these scrap pieces of wood laying around. They are just cut offs from various projects. I decided not to waste them and start gluing up the strips. All the strips became like a floor design with no repetitive pattern. Eventually I sliced them into thin boards and made them into 3 drawers using rabbet joints. For the outer housing, I made a brick layering pattern using purple heart. All those pieces are individual pieces glued together. To give more contrast, I machined out little groves on the jointed area on the top and bottom faces and added maple strips as inlays. The grooves are cut out using miniature table saw and milling machines. The housing is completed using extended finger joints. Size is approximately 8″ tall by 5″ wide and 5″ deep.


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