Eric’s Christmas Palm Boxes

Viewer Project - By Eric Rusch, Sr from Kissimmee, FL
Added on December 9, 2012

My friend had some small pieces of exotic wood that were too small to use for anything by themselves. So I gathered up all the pieces and mixed and matched as best I could and came up with some Palm Boxes to be given out as small gifts when we are out visiting during the holidays. I did this last year and it was very warmly received. I counted over 12 species of wood that I could identify and some I couldn’t. When they were paired in contrasting colors and in varying shades, the result was some very nice looking pieces.

Once the proper dimensions are cut (approximately 3″ x 6″ finished), the joinery is nothing more than careful butt joint glue ups. The stock used was 1/2″ and 3/8’s thick. The lids are pinned in by 1/8th brass rod which seems to do the trick nicely. A careful sanding, working my way up through the grits to 220, then two or three coats of water based spray polyurethane. After the pieces dry, I use steel wool to smooth out the surface and apply a couple of coats of wax. They are all very soft to the touch, which everyone comments on. The box bottoms are then lined with some felt, filled with candy and wrapped in a ribbon and the piece is complete.

This is an excellent way to use wood that is just too beautiful to throw out, and too small for anything else. Plus, it is a fun way to justify some shop time around the holidays. I hope you like them.