Tylor’s Gadget Station

Viewer Project - By Tylor McCormick from Montreal, QC
Added on December 6, 2012

Credit for the main design must go to Marc S. and his Gadget Station Project which was such a balanced design that is hard to come by these days, amazing legs!
I saw the pictures and videos of the gadget station and I was a few months away from my final project. I decided to recreate Marc’s “masterpiece” with my own ideas for change. So I scaled it up, but made it much larger (more like a liquor cabinet) and drew it in sketch up. The handles I changed to curve the same as the legs and the door construction is a bit different as well as the interior which has only one shelf with a fixed divider on the bottom, but all in all very much the same.

Anyway, I could ramble on about how much Marc’s work inspired me to recreate this but I will cut this short…Thank you Marc S. for all your great work and sharing of passion and knowledge!