Elijah’s Breakfast Nook Table

Viewer Project - By Elijah Baker
Added on January 2, 2020

Originally we had a small cherry table and chair set up in this space. It wasn’t awful but not the best use of space. I constructed the built-in benches with pine 2x4s and pocket holes to construct the frame. I used some left over store bought ship-lap being sure to not make it air tight. With a MDF top cut to size for the piano hinged seats, it was given a round over with a router and painted to match the rest of the benches. Quarter round trim was added and mitered into the existing trim to really make that built-in look.

The table was a lot of firsts for me. I started with 8/4 hard maple, it was my first time using this type of wood and I was not ready for how hard it was to plane and mortise! Pretty tough stuff! The design was inspired by Norm’s shaker style knock down dining table, just on a smaller scale. I kept the stock pretty thick to keep the heavy feel, something I though would be necessary with the open frame design. Legs were tenon-ed and feet and “aprons?” were mortised out. I really love the tusked tenon for the stretcher, with the tusk made from some scrap walnut it adds just enough contrast. The top is a simple edge glued top attached by slotted dowel holes to allow for expansion. With a light chamfer and a few coats of lacquer it is finished! I tried to reach a flowing effect exposing the heartwood around the entire table, not sure if it was accomplished but I had fun working on it and that’s what counts!


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