John’s Ashes Container

Viewer Project - By John Vencius
Added on January 2, 2020

My mother in law asked if I’d be willing to build a simple container for my father in law’s ashes with enough space for hers eventually and this is what I came up with. It’s no great example of design, just a rectangular box with a raised panel lid and an interior divider, but his sense of style was always very restrained so my MIL was very pleased that his final resting place reflects that. I made it from a single board of Peruvian walnut reinforced with Dominos across the faces of the miter joints, a floating curly maple top panel, neodymium magnets to hold the lid closed, and a velvet lining in his favorite shade of dark green. The box is finished with Danish oil and paste wax since she didn’t want a shiny “plastic” finish instead of one that still feels like wood.


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