Bryan’s Zebrawood Nightstand

Viewer Project - By Bryan Eichorst from Dallas, TX
Added on March 15, 2016

The case is a mitered box with waterfall esque grain flowing all the way around it. The miters are reinforced with maple splines. It is a 2 drawer nightstand with poplar drawers and a zebrawood front inset into the main case. The foot is a mitered walnut u-shape with continuous grain flow, and it is floating tenoned into the case. Soft close hinges and oil rubbed hardware. Finished with Arm-R-Seal Satin 4 coats and a hand rubbed wax. Both drawers can be open without tipping the piece which was my main concern, and why there are only 2 drawers.

The splines are maple because they darken and yellow with finish to more closely resemble the zebrawood. A small zebrawood spline looked strange to me with the contrasting grain in a contrasting accent, so I decided against it. I also used biscuits during panel glue up for alignment.


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