Jeff’s Coffee Table Shadow Box

Viewer Project - By Jeff from Murray
Added on March 29, 2016

I have been building military retirement shadow boxes for over 15 years. As with any project, building similar projects begins to get old. I was approached by a General, who for the most part, was interviewing me for the project. He handed me a very small black and white photo of a coffee table and asked if I could make something similar to it but with a beveled glass top to display his military awards and achievements.

We discussed the size and I began drafting the project, the old school way with a pencil, ruler, paper and of course, an eraser. The idea was to have three drawers that were accessible from both sides so when you looked at either end they would be identical. Also I added faux key holes with oil rubbed hardware to give it a more aged look with raised panels on opposing sides.

The table’s dimensions ended up being 48” square and 18” tall. The drawers are very large to accommodate a 30-plus year career and are interchangeable in order to change the display as desired. From start to finish the project took about 60 hours and was a blast to design and build.


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