Brian’s Low Entertainment Center

Viewer Project - By Brian Lenhart from Katy, TX
Added on January 12, 2017

I must have watched the videos on the Low Entertainment Center a half dozen times. It looked like a fun project using skills I had not tried before like making the dados with the router. It was a good experience to push my talents as a woodworker. First time cutting dados with the router, and making mortise and tenon style doors. Great detail and instruction in the videos!!

This was my spin on the project. Rather than the sliding doors, I went with the mortise and tenon cabinet style doors with 170 degree Euro style hinges. The whole project is made from 3/4″ Red Oak plywood for the top, bottom and vertical sides, the trim and door stiles and rails are solid Red Oak, and the door inserts and back are 1/4″ ply. I stained it with two coats of Minwax Espresso, and topped with 2-3 coats of Minwax wipe on Poly. Some of the dimensions were changed from the plan to fit the space.

I left out the angles on the trim top and bottom because I added the trim after the cabinet was assembled, since I did not trust my circular saw not to tip and ruin my work to that point. I think the squared up look fit the piece just fine, and gave it that modern look. I have not decided on hardware for the doors so they are still bare. I also moved the outer sides out to the edge of the top and bottom so the trim covers the joint of sides at the edges.

I really love the inset section of the back to allow room for a surge protector and get the furniture right up against the wall. Great addition to the plans!  Thanks to Marc for being such a great resource for expanding woodworking knowledge! Keep up the good work!


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