Joe’s Annual Christmas Ornaments

Viewer Project - By Joe Andrews from Lithia
Added on December 6, 2016

With the holidays fast approaching I thought I’d share this quick little project that has become very meaningful to me. My family has an obsession with Christmas Ornaments, its pretty obnoxious the amount that we’ve accumulated over the years. For as long as I can remember I’ve gotten an ornament as one of my stocking stuffers to use on the tree for the following year. Its a tradition in my family and acts as a reminder that Christmas is a time to remember years that have passed and the time spent with the ones you hold dearest. That may sound corny, but that’s what ornaments mean to me. Every year, when we decorate the tree with our kids, ultimately we end up telling a story around a specific ornament and the year we got it, which often brings smiles and laughter and sometimes even tears. So that’s a little backstory behind this quick and thoughtful project.

Four years ago, after getting a lathe for  that Christmas, I thought it would be cool to so something a little more memorable then just buying a new ornament for the tree and the trunk of that year’s tree became my vision. So I cut off the stump in 2013 and let it dry until the following December and turned my first ornament. It wasn’t anything special but I put a date on it, hung it on the tree, and its become one of the best traditions I could have ever started. I’ve gotten a little bit better every year and now my wife’s favorite part of decorating the tree is finding out what ornament I’m going to make for the year.

One day, a long time from now, our kids will hang these ornaments on their trees with their families and hopefully have some of those memories and stories that bring laughter and tears.


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