Brian’s Aurora Nightstand

Viewer Project - By Brian Tracey from Santa Fe, NM
Added on May 30, 2012

For the past few years I’ve been mostly working on “the shop” with lots of shop projects, not the least of which was the Roubo, with the idea that making furniture for our home would be the ultimate goal.

Along the way, I managed to built a few very basic tables and re-built and re-finished an oak dining room table and chairs, made some cutting boards, some toys for the grandkids, but lacking inspiration…I put off starting any “real furniture projects” until something peaked my interest. Then I saw some Greene & Greene pieces on the internet. The style appealed to my eye and when I read about Darrell Peart’s book on the subject, it had to be added to my woodworking library…then came the plans…then the cut lists…and then came the Aurora Nightstand!

The second one has been started, and then maybe a matching style of bed to follow that.

Original design by Darrell Peart.


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