Devin’s Greene & Greene Inspired Picture Frame

Viewer Project - By Devin Middendorf from Sauk Centre, MN
Added on May 29, 2012

After seeing many Greene and Greene projects and reading Darrell Peart’s book, I was inspired to make something in the style of Greene and Greene. I chose to start simple and make a picture frame (8×10).

I began by drawing on scrap plywood and just kept on refining it until I thought it looked good. I then made patterns from my drawing. From there the project was simple–just pattern routing and cutting mortise and tenon joints. After that it was sort of a battle to make the plugs, but after a few attempts, I finally got it right.

In the true style of the Greene’s, I did not stop on the front. I also made the hanger and the turn-buttons on the back out of ebony.

I am very good friends with a local cabinet maker. So in the winter I bring my projects over there and he sprays them for me. He has a large spray room set up year round. In the summer, I just spray outside.


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