Schwigs’ Ash Dresser

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Added on June 14, 2008

Here is a dresser I built for my Mother-in-law. The design was inspired by dressers my wife and I bought after we got married (before I was into woodworking). She needed a piece for that exact spot you see in the pictures, so the dimensions were tailored for just that. It is constructed from plain ole’ Ash, but it was my first experience with mortise and tenon joinery (I spent some quality time with Episode 10 Pt. 1&2 in the process). There are 31 mortise and tenon joints and overall everything went smoothly. Also, the cove molding under the top was made on my table saw, it was my maiden voyage with that technique as well.

The finish is one that another woodworking buddy taught me on my very first project. I use wipe-on poly and get the surface as flooded with finish as possible, then I use 320 silicone carbide sandpaper to work the finish into the surface, wiping off the excess across the grain. A light sanding after each coat is dry and then continue to the next finest grit with the wet sanding. After I have built up enough coats, I give it a good rub with some 0000 steel wool, blow off any dust and steel wool bits left over and we’re done! Thanks for looking!


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