Four Students Create End Grain Cutting Boards

Viewer Project - By Jordon, Joe, Sheldon, and Stephen from Wisconsin
Added on June 25, 2008

This week’s project, or more accurately projects, come from four young skilled craftsmen: (from left to right) Jordon, Joe, Sheldon, and Stephen. The picture was submitted by their shop teacher, Jarred. Now I get quite a few emails from shop teachers who use our videos in their classes, and each and every story warms my heart. But this is the first time someone actually sent a picture. I thought it was so cool and that these guys did such a great job, that I would post it as our Project of the Week. I know I may have presented the end grain cutting board as a “great beginners project”, but those of you who have made one will agree with me that it is by no means easy. It’s a testament to Jarred’s teaching ability and the personal skill of each one of the guys that their boards look as good as they do!

Here’s what Jarred had to say:

I teach a shop class in rural Wisconsin, and took the initiative to introduce the boys to The Wood Whisperer (someone younger and cooler than me). I walked them through the cutting board project, but showing them your videos. Every time I fired up the laptop they would in unison say, “Let’s get ready to make a cutting board!” Anyway, here’s a picture of a few of them and their cutting boards: combinations of walnut, maple, and purpleheart. The boys had fun with the project and gave the cutting boards as gifts for Mother’s Day.


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