Unnecessarily Fancy Custom Walnut Tool Holders

Video - February 26, 2020

I love my tools and I spend a great deal of my life in my shop. So when it comes to tool organization, I like to put a little extra time into building racks and holders that are custom-designed for functionality and beauty. To some it may seem silly to use a wood like Walnut for these things but consider that I have a lot of small walnut scraps that serve no other purpose. So why not use them to organize and beautify my shop space. Feel free to use any wood species you have access to.

Between the video and the images below you should be able to make custom holders and racks for your tools. The reason I didn’t include official plans for these is because unless you have my exact tool collection, the numbers won’t mean much. So get your measurements from the tools themselves.

The glue I used for all of these racks is Titebond Quick & Thick. The thick consistency and fast dry time makes is perfect for small projects like these.

In-Drawer Chisel Rack

If you are married to a set of chisels, this is a great way to store them securely in a drawer. Ironically, I ended up returning these chisels soon after this video was made due to a manufacturing flaw. So I had to re-make my insert reusing some of the parts from the first version. Pro Tip: put the racks in with double stick tape instead of glue. If you ever have to make a modification you’ll thank me.

Spokeshave Rack

This rack does a nice job of holding not only spokeshaves but also my cabinet scrapers. The slight angle of the sides serves no functional purpose but makes the rack look more interesting than a big boring rectangle.

Router Plane Cradle

I was inspired by a holder I saw from Little City Workshop and decided to make my own version. The cradle holes the Veritas Router Plane while the rack at the bottom holds the cutters and fence.

Card Scraper Holder

The simplest holder in this set, the card scraper holder features bandsaw-cut slots at an angle in a rectangular chunk of wood.


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