Inexpensive Vertical Lumber Rack

Video - February 17, 2020

It seems that every time I do a Shop Tour (here’s the 2019 version), I immediately make changes to the shop that make the tour somewhat outdated. After adding a new ductless mini-split to the shop, I had an opportunity to rearrange my lumber storage. Instead of an extensive horizontal storage system, I opted for a more practical and inexpensive vertical lumber rack.

Vertical or Horizontal?

Both vertical and horizontal racks have their advantages and disadvantages. Vertical racks make it easier to get to the material and are generally considered safer since you’ll never be on a ladder wrestling down an 8′ board. But vertical racks take up valuable floor space and if you’re in a very small shop, that floor space may be at a premium. In that case, you’re probably better off with a horizontal rack such as this one. With the lumber up on the wall, there’s still room to put tools or other things below the rack. For me personally, the convenience of a vertical rack makes it the better choice.

Moisture & Warping?

With the wood on a small platform, there’s no direct contact between the concrete floor and the wood so moisture shouldn’t be an issue. I generally wouldn’t recommend a rack where the wood is in direct contact with a concrete slab. As for warping, the boards are nearly vertical so they aren’t inclined to warp over time. If warping is a concern, simply rotate the stock once in a while.


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