3 – DIY Refinishing

Video - October 25, 2006

In this episode we embark on a journey into the world of refinishing. Part one gives my thoughts on refinishing and the role it plays in our lives as woodworkers. I will also show you how I inspect old pieces of furniture in order to develop a refinishing plan of attack.

Please keep in mind that there is a big difference between DIY refinishing and antique restoration. My methods are firmly in the category of DIY refinishing. If you have a valuable antique and you want to retain its value, I suggest you consult a professional restorer.

Originally this video series was broken up in to 6 parts. We have since combined them all into one video & post.

In Part 2 of the refinishing series, I review some details concerning the table-top itself and take a look at the leaf expansion system, which is pretty unique. I also give some tips on how to determine what type of finish you might be up against, in order to determine the best way to remove it. And the last topic I cover is lead testing and safety. I hope you find this video useful and informative.

In Part 3, I show how the table is disassembled and I tackle the finish and stain removal. Ugh! I also demonstrate some cool tricks for getting the old stain out of those tight corners and odd-shaped profiles.

In Part 4, I show my tricks for sanding down turned legs. I also get a little frustrated with my wife. Later in this part, I go into detail on one of the most commonly-used tools in the shop, the random orbit sander.

In part 5, I discuss and demonstrate my two favorite pore-filling processes. Pore filling is very important when you want to apply a high gloss topcoat. If you are working with oak, mahogany, or walnut, this is something you should consider, so check it out!

The last part of the refinishing series is here!! Seems like I’ve been wearing the same shirt for weeks now. In this video, I give a brief overview of my spray finishing techniques as well as provide a few tricks of the trade.


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