2 – The King and His Castle – Shop Tour

Video - October 15, 2006

In this video, I give a full tour of my shop space and show you what I feel are the essential tools for small and large workshops. I also discuss topics like tool prices, shop setup, and tool selection. You will also get an inside look at how my days typically start. Enjoy!!!

Update (8/27/10): Seeing the old shop is really surreal. Its amazing how many changes took place in that space over the course of the next few years. Organization, tooling, lighting….these were all eventually overhauled. And now, of course, we are in a totally new space. The coolest thing about this video is that it really marks the start of what I consider to be the “Wood Whisperer-style”. That is, a woodworking show that sheds the stuffiness and isn’t afraid to make fun of itself. I imagine many folks who watched this video were either immediately attracted to, or completely appalled by what we were doing. Education and entertainment for the modern woodworker. That’s what its all about. And while TheWoodWhisperer.com has grown significantly since then, we are still the same goofy fun-loving people we always were. Grass roots to the core! Although this video was probably only seen by a couple hundred people when it was released, it has been viewed over 100,000 times since then. That’s just mind boggling. It was also pretty cool to see my poker chip trays in this video. That article did get published in Woodcraft Magazine and in fact, we made the cover.


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