Not Your Grandma’s Quilt Rack | Bent Lamination

Video - July 16, 2021

My wife Nicole loves blankets and quilts and we often have trouble finding places to store them. Many of the quilts were made by Nicole so they’re actually something we’d like to be on display. So I went on the hunt for a cool quilt rack design to use as a starting point and quickly came up empty. Most quilt racks are more traditional in their styling and I wanted to do something different. That’s when I remembered an older project made by my good buddy David Marks on Woodworks: the Contemporary Magazine Rack. I though David’s design, if cut in half, would be a really cooling looking and elegant way to store a few quilts. So big thanks to David for letting me riff on his design and I highly recommend you go over to David’s site and spend $5 on that particular episode of Woodworks.

This is a fun and challenging project featuring bent lamination using a vacuum press, lots of mortise and tenon joinery, and modified half-lap joinery. If you’d like to see a more detailed presentation, we offer plans and a full video course on this project in the Wood Whisperer Guild.

And here are a few photos so you can see the Bent Lamination Quilt Rack in detail.


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