Gaming Coffee Table

Video - January 2, 2019

This past Summer I had the honor of teaching a class at the Marc Adams School. The class was to be a scaled-down version of the Gaming Dining Table (Free Version) (Premium Guild Version). Because it’s never a good idea to teach a class on something you never actually built before, I decided to build the prototype and film the process. This video is just a quick overview of the process so if you want the additional details and the plans, you’ll have to pick up the Gaming Dining Table build at

A special thanks to the folks who joined me in Indiana to build one of these fun little tables. Well, except for David. David just build whatever he wanted. (Sorry for the inside joke)

Stuff I Used


Look close enough and you’ll see how “well-used” this table is. It’s the coffee table we keep in the family room so it gets plenty of abuse. I probably should have photographed it right after it was finished six months ago but hey, this is real woodworking life!


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