Bunk Bed With Slide

Video - December 10, 2018

My son has been asking for a bunk bed for a while. To be honest, I procrastinated due to the scale of the project and I am surprised Nicole didn’t just go out and buy one. Thankfully, she didn’t and this sweet bunk bed with slide is the result.

Built with a crap-ton of Alder from my local supplier Austin Hardwoods, the bed is big, heavy, and takes a while to build. But the smile on your kid’s face makes it work every second of effort.


**Warning** These plans are being provided for reference only. As designed, there exists a “pinch point” where the slide meets the front bed leg. If you build your own version of this bunk bed, you’ll want to consider modifications that will make that aspect of the bed safer for your young ones. I accept no responsibility for the safety aspects of this particular design. If you build it exactly as shown, you accept all responsibility. 

Stuff Used in the Video



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