78 – David Marks Gallery Tour

Video - January 19, 2009

In this David Marks Gallery Tour you’ll see David’s wood boiling apparatus (used for drying out turnings), and his art gallery. David recently added an additional two-story building to his property and dedicated it to displaying his various turnings and furniture pieces all for the enjoyment of his students, visitors, and guests. The gallery contains many beautiful pieces by David as well as other amazing woodworkers. David also keeps his drum set in there and he caps off the tour by showing us his skills on the drums! And believe it or not, we have a few outtakes!

David recently released his new Scrapers DVD. It contains everything you need to know to properly sharpen card scrapers, cabinet scrapers, and gooseneck scrapers. This is a process that should be easy, yet many woodworkers struggle with getting just the right edge. David’s techniques and explanations really help demystify the process. I watched the DVD a few weeks ago and I instantly felt like I was watching a new episode of Woodworks (only more REAL!) You can pick the DVD up here.

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