Jerry’s Shop Tour

Shop Tour - Submitted by Jerry Junkins from Ft Madison, Iowa
Added on October 12, 2010

My shop is small, so I use all available space as efficiently as possible, especially wall space.  I have plenty of storage for the small hardware that usually sits on the table in the way.  I use the empty space under tables and benches and also under my table saw out feed table.  The shop is 20′ x 24′ and I have all the room I need, but it took me a year to get it there.  I also have a garage door for getting stuff in and out.  As you will notice in the pictures, there isn’t ANY wall space (at floor level) that is not used.  I still have plenty of room to move around.  I have an open area which is about 10′ x 15′ and when I want to use a piece of equipment, I roll it out there, use it and then roll it back, that way it doesn’t sit out in the middle of the floor for me to walk around, trip over or use for a table to store things on like Marc does.  Gotcha Marc!!

And did ya notice the boards on the table? Those are for my new torsion box I’m making!! Thanks to Marc!! I made the out feed table myself.  It is two sets of rollers and it really works great. It took several changes in layout and a year working at it, but I think I got it now. Also, if you notice, I even have my roll around tool boxes in the shop! The layout table will be real nice when it’s done. I like things nice and neat and clean. I sweep the shop every time I use it, which makes for a better attitude. My shop is also heated and air conditioned and I have hot and cold water and soon it will have cable tv and telephone. Guess where I go when the wife’s mad? Thanks for looking at my shop and I hope you enjoyed it!


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