Tom’s Santa Barbara Workshop

Shop Tour - Submitted by Tom Buhl from Santa Barbara, CA
Added on September 1, 2010

Some of you may already know our good friend Tom Buhl. Check out some of his creations here and here. All that finely-crafted work comes out of a cozy two-car garage. Check it out.

A two-car garage is home to the Tom Buhl Workshop, an amateur endeavor. As you see in the first photo, that two-car garage also houses treasures, precious and otherwise, from combining two households five years ago into a 950 square foot home. When I married the lovely Ms. Gastil, she had a old, but serviceable contractor?s saw. So I made some shelves and storage devices from scraps and several raised garden beds. First furniture project, almost four years ago, was a set of bedside tables using plans purchased online. I was hooked. I play in the shop pretty much every day unless rain descends on our little corner of paradise.

Obviously, I work in a well-ventilated area with plenty of natural light. After opening the garage door, I roll out the carts. Even to use semi-stationary, I have to clear access space. As tight as things are, I?ve always managed to find a storage pattern to add another tool. I added the Jet 16-32 early this year and didn?t know how it could possibly fit, but somehow a formula was developed. When unexpected rain occurs it is a scramble to tuck everything safely away.

The PM2000 (a CraigsList find) has built-in wheels but stays put. Drill press and Grizzly 18-inch band saw are also used inside, but I will position to suit size of work. Wood cart on left wall was the first shop project?it has served me well. Holds scraps, cut offs and sheet goods. The Sj


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