David’s Basement Shop

Shop Tour - Submitted by David Jordan from Huntingtown
Added on September 11, 2014

This is my small shop in my basement. It was the storage room and it’s about 22ft x 12ft in size. I used garage floor paint to make it easy for cleanup. I recently had it wired up with 20 heavy duty outlets that can all be turned off with 4 switches at the door. I also added a 400 cfm exhaust fan. Started out by putting cedar on one wall, but due to money constraints, I had to finish up with some wood paneling from a big box store. I added some wood storage under the stairs. All walls have Roxul Safe-n-Sound insulation in them to help eliminate sound going upstairs.

At a point that I am fairly happy with it, so obviously it is time to move. Our house will be up for sale soon but I will enjoy the shop until the day we move!


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