Eric’s Garage Workshop

Shop Tour - Submitted by Eric from Madison, MS
Added on September 21, 2014

This is my small shop. It is 17’x 22’and is the third stall of my three car garage. I consider this my “machine room” where all milling and joinery operations occur. The other two stalls house additional machinery and the family car. I like to use oriental rugs as I can usually find them at Goodwill for a small cost. They are easy on the legs and hide lots of dust and occasional oil spills when doing metal working. I have both metalworking machines combined with woodworking machines which I would like to separate one day if a larger shop is in my future. I also have a couple welders as I have enjoyed mixing wood and steel together for my furniture projects. I use the space my family car is in for an assembly area. I mainly do stock preparation and welding in the other garage stalls.

All of my equipment has been collected over the years and was purchased very economically, finding them on Craiglist or at local auctions. The heart of the shop is a 16″Tannewitz table saw used mostly for joiner tasks. There is an Oliver 144 BD Jointer and a smaller Delta DJ-15 jointer. I have a General 130 Planer for finish work and a Powermatic 100 in the other garage for rough stock. There is a Powermatic Shaper, Max Spindle Sander, Minimax Band Saw, and other machinery shoehorned into this space. There are also several other dedicated table saws here, along with my favorite, a Hammond Sliding Trim o Saw. I put dust collection in a couple years back which is pretty effective. I also have compressed air and a rotary phase converter tucked under the stairs along with a vintage Delta scroll saw. Everything has been carefully placed and accommodates my project work flow. Hope you enjoy my work space.


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