Chris’ Planned Garage Workshop

Shop Tour - Submitted by Chris from Pflugerville
Added on June 15, 2016

This is my 360 sq ft 2-car garage workshop. I have all of my tools, and will need to build some shop furniture. This is my current working plan, but I’d love to hear some ideas on it. I want to be able to park a car inside when not in use and am willing to sacrifice workflow convenience to do so. The power tool bench is my original design. Each tool rests on a 2×2 wood sheet which can be slid into the bench so the tool’s deck sits flush with the bench top. Clamps are mounted on a sliding door that hides my electric hot water tank. I built a loft area to house my pancake compressor (as well as camping gear and other garage items). Air line and electric are run from the ceiling on retractable reels. I used Ikea kitchen cabinets on the back wall and a live edge cedar slab as my counter top. A really basic drafting desk and paint cabinet finish off the back wall. The Radial arm/cross cut station (which I call the aircraft carrier because of is size) houses board foot lumber on the front, cutoffs on the end, sheet goods in the center, and has a combination panel saw/ panel clamp press on the back side.

The biggest challenge so far has been the dust collection system. I tried to keep the lines as short and straight as possible. The plan currently calls for 4″ PVC waste pipe–not sure if I should go up to 6″ on my 1-1/2HP Grizzly cyclone. Love to hear your thoughts and suggestions.


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