Anthony’s Garage Woodshop

Shop Tour - Submitted by Anthony Zeh from Mesa, AZ
Added on April 22, 2014

I am now a full time woodworker who has built a very user friendly garage shop for myself. I have a space which is 19’x21’. My main shop tools include a Delta Hybrid Saw with a very super cool tools inspired fence, and a Woodpecker router lift systems with Freud Fence. I have a Jet bandsaw, Porter Cable Drill Press, 12” Dewalt Mitersaw station, Performax 16/32 Drum Sander, Mini Lathe, Worksharp 3000, Ridgid 6” Joiner, 12” Jet Planer, Jet mortise machine, Delta scroll saw, Lincoln Welder, and a horizontal bandsaw. I have also built some shop helpers, like a horizontal mortise which can cut mortises to fit Festool domino tenons, and a moxon vise for dovetail work. My main assembly table, which is also my outfeed table, acts like a MFT table with 20mm holes 4” on center. It also has flip up wings to give me a larger working surface.

I have 4 Festool surface clamps and 2 of their click clamps. I would love to have a whole Festool system, but its out of my price range. I have about 125 other clamps around the shop. I have been collecting the Bosch click and go boxes, an alternative to the Festool box system. I have a number of hand tools and power tools which include several routers, a modified Scheppach track saw, Bosch jigsaw, Bosch drill and impact driver, Fein Multitool and about 6 different power sanders.

All my main tools have autoswitches to run dust collection or vacuum hookups, including the power source above work table to allow vacuuming to sanders and the track saw when working on the assembly table. I made a safety cover for my table saw with a vacuum port which comes from the ceiling rather than an arm across the table saw, which would just get in my way. I am not a big fan of large dust collection tubes in a shop as small as mine, so I prefer vacuums tucked near machines to collect dust. I also have an overhead dust collector for airborne dust.

I am always looking to rearrange my shop to make it more efficient for my needs. I spend most of my days in there, and enjoy when I have time for working on a shop upgrade or doing some fine tuning.


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