Luke’s Basement Woodshop

Shop Tour - Submitted by Luke Pinno from Saskatchewan
Added on May 8, 2014

Smaller than my previous shop, I opted for the french cleat system to allow for organizable quick access to my most used tools. Another benefit is when I get a bigger shop again, the cleats are easy to move. My previous shop had rough cabinets made from scraps, but I’m finding I rather like not having to really put anything ‘away’ or wrap up cords even as I’m lazy.

Paulk’s workbench and mitre stand are still the centerpoints of the shop. For another work surface that is as close to the Festool MFT as I can currently afford, I doubled the plywood storage top. I bought a drying rack from Richelieu instead of making a shop one; it works reasonably well. For a lumber rack, I used cheap support brackets. I still use an auto-start Dewalt dust extractor for dust collection, as well as general cleanup. My drill press, second router table, jointer and planer are stored where possible and brought out for use. Not exactly ideal, but for now it’s functional. I’m presently building an entire kitchen, so cabinet storage was pushed over into the utility room.

For tools, more than half of mine are Dewalt, but I’m branching out. I’ve expanded my Festool collection from a track saw, to a track saw and a whole two cases. Their organization is lovely for a small shop.Due to space, shop organization and tidiness are rather critical issues. I’m a bit OCD in this shop.

For spraying, the set-up is far from ideal. Two windows and a fan provide enough ventilation for the most part. Enough ish, at least. That is a brief tour of my shop. I hope you enjoyed it.


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