All Hail Chodd!

Morning Show - November 6, 2020

00:00:31 – Good morning, it’s the Woodworking Morning Show
00:00:40 – Thanks to our Patreon subscribers and YouTube Members!
00:02:10 – Mail time!
00:03:52 – Cremona chairs showcase
00:07:15 – What’s a good source for hardware? – Do you not like Tried and True after using it on the rocking chair?
00:11:23 – When will the video be out on the new outfeed table?
00:13:13 – Do you have a good source for CNC project design?
00:14:02 – How can a jointer cleanup on a taper lead to consistent tapers?
00:17:28 – How accurate does a crosscut sled need to be?
00:18:50 – My end grain cutting board has cracks in it, did I do something wrong?
00:23:13 – What is the most effective way to sell finished small products?
00:25:45 – How can you save a board with stress fractures?
00:28:30 – Where did you get that shirt?
00:29:00 – Can epoxy damage woodworking tools?
00:29:30 – How do you pick a ceiling-mounted air filtration system?
00:32:02 – Why is there never enough Part B of Rubio for Part A?
00:33:30 – Should I use my ambient air filter all the time or after the dust settles?
00:35:07 – Are floor mounted or ceiling mounted filtration systems more effective?
00:36:20 – For air filtration, should I go for more power or better filtration?
00:37:28 – What’s the best beginner all-around hand plane?
00:38:18 – Any update on the beginner tool guide project?
00:39:30 – Tips for preventing tear out on purpleheart?
00:40:30 – Do you prefer exterior-mounted air filtration systems or a canister system?
00:42:31 – What kind of smartphone apps do you use?
00:43:30 – Do you ever edge band solid wood?
00:44:12 – What temperature do you set your workshop to?
00:45:12 – Would a breadboard be considered edge banding?



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