Missouri Bush Oil | Morning Show

Ask TWW - October 30, 2020

00:00:31 – Good morning, it’s the Woodworking Morning Show
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00:04:15 – Did you ever add upper cabinets to the miter saw station?
00:05:40 – How do you lube your table saw?
00:06:42 – When can we see the end table video?
00:07:35 – How can I clean rust off a bandsaw blade?
00:10:25 – How can I keep my spiral router bits from clogging up and burning?
00:12:05 – How can I clamp live edges without damaging the edges?
00:12:55 – How do I know when I need to clean or sharpen my table saw blade?
00:15:03 – What’s the best way to carve a jigsaw?
00:17:45 – How should I finish an outdoor lounge?
00:20:45 – How should I store my finishes in the winter?
00:22:10 – Do you work through the grits with a spindle sander?
00:23:08 – How can I plane a piece that has the grain in alternating directions?
00:25:35 – Can I put a dado blade on my non-dado arbor?
00:27:00 – Should a table saw fence be parallel to the blade?
00:29:10 – What’s the best way to finish plywood edges?
00:30:55 – Is a helical head worth it?
00:32:45 – Have you ever used Bush Oil for lubricating tools?
00:33:49 – What glue can hold well enough to turn?
00:36:04 – How do you decide what finish to use on your products?
00:37:40 – Can you use Rubio without the part b?
00:38:40 – How often do you read the whole MSDS of a finish before using?
00:40:53 – What is a good hypoallergenic wood to use for cutting boards?
00:41:50 – Can I use plywood to make a chisel mallet?
00:43:22 – How can I finish a pair of wooden chopsticks?
00:44:25 – I soaked my bandsaw blade in vinegar and the vinegar got very dark. Did I ruin my blade?

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