TWW Live – We are a Terrible Lumber Store

Ask TWW - November 21, 2022

Show Notes:
00:00:00 – Getting Started
00:00:35 – Welcome to TWW Live!
00:01:40 – Nicole’s 3D printed phoenix from FlexiFactory
Ava’s favorite toy
00:02:27 – Black Friday Guild announcement
00:03:20 – Caleb James’ Danish cord bench project
00:06:05 – Marc’s dining table showcase
00:07:48 – Do you get super protective of your kitchen tables when someone spills something on it?
00:09:30 – New and improved circle templates
00:11:10 – Thank you’s!!!
00:12:13 – How can I lessen the environmental impact my basement shop has on the rest of the house?
00:14:45 – How can I cut small pieces as cleanly and accurately as possible?
00:17:20 – Have you named your lumber?
00:18:20 – Which Bumblechutes product are you currently using? TWW10 for 10% off!
00:21:40 – Do you have a digital protractor recommendation?
00:22:20 – Do you have any tips for drying out your whetstones?
00:23:20 – Is there a $50-$100 range solution for a sharpening system?
00:26:20 – Have you done a review on 10” saw blades?
00:28:45 – Does a dust collection reducers affect the efficiency of the dust collector?
00:30:38 – How can I prevent paint from seeping into the grain?
00:32:30 – Can you tell us a little bit more about the lap joint on your new table?
00:34:18 – Have any experience with the Rikon 10-305 bandsaw?
00:36:05 – Are there show notes anywhere for watching after the fact?
00:37:30 – Are there any benefits to a 12” miter saw over a 10” one?
00:39:40 – Anyone else notice how quickly Missouri passed legalization after Nicole and her pain relief balm moved there?
00:40:00 – What’s your favorite resaw blade?
00:41:18 – Are Friday lives going to be available as audio-only on iTunes?
00:43:10 – Who’s better? Norm Abram or Tom Silva?
00:43:42 – Will you be doing a refurbishing of your chairs?
00:45:23 – Can you provide any insight to contractor saws?
00:46:20 – What part of Missouri are you in?
00:47:40 – Do you use a gauge to set the tension of your bandsaw blade?
00:49:05 – Who’s better? Matt or Shannon?
00:49:54 – Are you still keeping buckets outside?
00:50:53 – Future reference, scalloped blades work great for cutting cardboard on the band saw
00:51:08 – How many times a day do you drive between the house and the shop?
00:51:42 – Why is there a character limitation on questions to ask?
00:54:40 – Any new tool purchases?
00:55:07 – Is walnut cheaper where you are?

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