TWW Live – What is Going on Outside?

Ask TWW - October 14, 2022

Show Notes:
00:00:00 – Pre-show
00:00:35 – Welcome to TWW Live!
00:02:00 – Workbench project sale!…
00:03:15 – Thanks, Scott! Check out his Coffee Bean table!
00:04:57 – Thank you, Patrons!
00:06:13 – What’s the difference between a coping saw and a fret saw?
00:07:57 – Is there a small format table saw or bandsaw that has good dust collection?
00:09:04 – Do you miss Colorado at all?
00:11:00 – Thank you Suzie!
00:11:42 – Is a hardwood or softwood better for a workbench top?
00:13:15 – Are there anti-vibration gloves for sanding?
00:16:28 – How can I stop getting bubbles in my General Finishes white poly?
00:17:47 – How can I get better results with my veneer scraper?
00:20:50 – How can I fix my frame and panel door that’s separating?
00:23:08 – What grit stones do you use for your hand planes?
00:24:18 – Are you moving your tool cabinet to the new bench or keeping it with the hybrid?
00:27:23 – How does Ava like Missouri?
00:27:50 – Do you like pork steaks?
00:28:50 – Will you be selling any swag at the Firehouse tours?
00:30:30 – What helped you get shop time consistently when you had newborns?
00:33:15 – Are 10 Jet parallel clamps for $300 a good deal?
00:35:10 – Does dried epoxy pop off the dried finish as dried PVA does?
00:37:15 – Thank you Furnitology!
00:41:00 – Any status on the Firehouse swag for the people that can’t make it?
00:44:07 – Any new guild projects?
00:46:42 – Does the base of a table need as much finish as the top?
00:48:10 – What happened to the gaming table?

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