Micro Bevels – Friday Live!

Ask TWW - March 24, 2017

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Today we’re talking about sharpening micro bevels as well as a bunch of Q&A topics. Here’s the rundown:

0:24 – Marc admits waffles are great.
1:04 – Patreon update
2:43 – Wood Whisperer Thread Taps – http://wwthreadtaps.com
3:20Friday Live Guild project giveaway
3:55 – Woodworkers Fighting Cancer bottle opener
4:40 – Fantastic piece of walnut
5:14 – Goby Walnut T-shirt/Marc’s a large
6:10 – Finish test update: Rubio Monocoat addition
9:35 – Nicole’s potty mouth
10:27 – What is the process for correctly setting a micro bevel on my chisels/irons?/Is there a difference between honing and lapping?
19:12 – How do you keep your hand planes when they’re not in active use? Camellia Oil or Jojoba Oil
20:49 – What tools should I prioritize first?/How do I resist buying tools I don’t immediately need?
26:00 – Should I ask people to buy me tools as gifts or is money a better option?
27:06 – What are the Spagnuolo’s favorite board games?
28:05 – Do you still use your Dylos air quality monitor in your shop?
31:00 – Why would I need/want a scraper plane?
32:10 – Are there any hard or fast rules on what speeds to run router bits? – Rockler Article 
33:39 – Are you going to the Atlanta Woodworking Show?

34:48 – Would you ever consider a video showing real time for certain operations in your shop?

36:11 – What is the mat on your bench? BenchMat.com
36:38 – Have you ever had issues with the keyless chuck in your drill press?
37:02 – What do you do with the sawdust in your dust collector?
38:03 – Have you ever used the Festool domino XL for breadboard ends? – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b_NTknCCtGE
39:30 – Do your bluetooth ear muffs have a headphone line in jack?
40:01 – Guild Project Winner
40:35 – New Patreon supporters.


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