Bloxygen & Brushless Motors – Friday Live!

Ask TWW - March 31, 2017

This week we’re discussing the benefits of using Bloxygen as well as whether brushless motors are worth the investment. Of course we have tons of Q&A too. Here’s the rundown:

0:01 – Autographed Marc Photos
1:05Patreon Goal Update
2:30 – New Facebook Group –
3:41 – Maui’s Hook Video
7:00Bloxygen Finish Preserver Demo
8:32 – Carter bandsaw blades from Alex Snodgrass
10:25 – What kind of gas is Bloxygen?
12:28 – Can you use Bloxygen on any solvent based wood finish?
13:11 – How is Millie?
13:45 – What is the best way to let a large amount of wood acclimate?
15:51 – How much time would you give yourself to visit the booths at AWFS?
18:08 – Can you wet sand danish oil?
20:31 – Can I vent my dust collector outside?
22:54 – What’s a good all around grit for a drum sander?
23:20 – When is the Wood Talk Anniversary Show?
24:26 – What’s the best wood for drawers?
26:27 – Is it better to buy a lower quality set of chisels for $100 or wait and buy a more premium set?
28:08 – What are your thoughts on resawing without a fence or with a pivot fence? What about feed rate?
30:08 – Is the brushless motor worth an extra $100 in a sander?
33:24 – Did you insure your furniture when you moved? How did you pack everything up?
34:35 – Any tips and suggestions for unpacking a new 15″ Powermatic bandsaw?
35:13 – Could you explain the difference between set and TPI?
36:48 – Do you ever see or hear from David Marks?
39:22 – Do you have videos for tips on how to resaw on the bandsaw?
39:47 – Will you update your bandsaw video with Alex’s information?
40:55 – Have you ever tried welding bandsaw blades back together?
42:04 – What diamond stones do you recommend for a newbie sharpener?
42:35 – Could you explain the reasons why you buy pre-mixed wipe on poly instead of mixing it yourself?
44:50 – Patreon & Super Chat Supporter Shout Outs
46:48 – Mark got his Nintendo Switch
46:55 – Nicole is back on Ladies of L33t
50:05 – Guild project winner


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