Don’t Get Caught Playing With Your Dinghy!

Article - February 17, 2014

boatWhen I look at a wooden boat, the same thoughts run through my mind as looking at furniture did before I began woodworking – How do they do that? With almost anything that has to do with woodworking, I want to learn more about it, and building my own boat is definitely on the list.

Luckily, Andy Miller’s podcast, Boatworks Today, has been a great resource to learn more about boats, and I haven’t missed an episode of it yet. If you haven’t seen Andy’s videos yet, go check out his site and podcast. To be honest, I’ve been waiting anxiously for Andy to do a full-on boat build so I can figure out how the heck you build a boat that won’t sink. For now, I’ll keep waiting for the build, but I recently stumbled upon a great resource that can definitely help you learn how to build boats: The Great Lakes Boat Building School.

I ran across this video about the boat building school one day while perusing the internet for interesting woodworking videos. The focus on traditions and craftsmanship obviously caught my attention, but seeing all the boats in various stages of being built really got me excited. Check out these videos and tell me that you don’t want to quit your job tomorrow and move to Michigan to learn boat building!

The school offers one or two year certification programs for those who are serious about a boat building career, but after visiting their website I also found out that they offer a “Build Your Own Boat” summer workshop. Although I don’t have any plans to do it for a living, I sure would like to take a workshop about it.

Check out this video and try to tell me with a straight face that you don’t want to build a boat.

So, do you have a boat project on your horizon or have you built your own boat? Let me know what your project is/was. For me, just a little dinghy will do the trick so I can learn the basics of sailing.


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