Tim’s Gaming Table

Viewer Project - By Tim from Webster, NY
Added on March 16, 2017

This was a large 8 person Gaming table that I designed with the client to be able to be used as a regular solid surface table.  The table “leafs” flip over to reveal a microsuede surface for card playing, and the leafs can be table out and the neoprene lower lighted gaming surface is show for role playing games and board games you want to leave set up for a long time while the leafs can cover it. There are 8 trays that pull out for when playing certain games so players have places in front of them to hold their notebooks or cards or game pieces. The entire table was made from Red Oak, it has LED color changeable lighting for the lower game surface, it has 6 outlets mounted on the underside of the table for plugs for phones or laptops.


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