Rob’s Natural Edge Slab Hall Table

Viewer Project - By Rob
Added on August 10, 2010

I’ve been watching/following your show for some time and enjoy all the information that you provide. I’m also a fan of David Marks and sure enjoy the interviews you’ve conducted with him. Here are a few pics of a recent project that I completed for my wife for a present. The wood has a bit of a story. It came from a Big Leaf Maple tree that was taken down due to the owner’s perceived risk that it might someday fall on the house, as if. At any rate, I was offered the trunk section that measured about 6.5′ in diameter by 13′ long. A massive chunk of wood to say the least. I had to fend off the fire wood mongers who were attempting to carve it up like some kind of fresh kill on a mountain hunting expedition. So after working the logistics of moving it, I had it slabbed and then dried. I know have had most of it in my wood shed waiting for the right projects to come along. I recently retired from the US Navy and live on Whidbey Island WA. I have been woodworking in my spare time for about 5 years.


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