Mike’s Cherry Trestle Table

Viewer Project - By Michael Pires from Santee, CA
Added on September 29, 2016

First time designing a project from the ground up with no plans, just a hybrid design from numerous different table styles that I found online/in stores.

Legs are 4/4 stock with beveled edges to appear as solid stock. Top is 6/4 stock with breadboard ends. Trestle is attached with pocket holes and the caps at the end give the appearance that the trestle goes all the way through the legs.

I have to thank Marc for all the inspiration he provides in his videos and website. If anyone asked me a year ago if I could make this table, I would have laughed at them. A lot of that improvement I have to attribute to Marc and the TWW website, so again thank you, Marc and please keep the info coming!


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