Matt’s Sofa Table

Viewer Project - By Matt from Oak Harbor, WA
Added on July 25, 2012

I bought the natural slab of maple at a local lumberjack show and couldn’t figure out what to do with it for the longest time. It was rough sawn on a portable mill (not too often I get to see the log that my stock came from) and wasn’t anything close to parallel/square/coplanar. I used a bunch of videos on TWW site (The Jointer’s Jumpin’, How to Fix a Knot) and created a router sled since it was too wide for my planer; then used a variety of hand planes, scrapers, and tons of sanding to get it smooth. The legs are made from walnut and the shape was inspired by Marc’s trestle table series. I pretty much used that series as my guide in both the design and construction. The only deviations were integral tenons instead of dominos and 8/4 stock since the table is only 5 ft long. It’s got a few nicks/checks/mistakes in it, but it’s my first non-“planned” furniture project and I’m pretty excited about it. I used Marc’s “A Simple Varnish Finish” as my guide. Four coats of Arm-R-Seal later and I couldn’t be more pleased. The final coat was rubbed out with 8000 grit after it completely cured.

Thank you for your site Marc, it’s what got me into woodworking and keeps me wanting to improve with each project!


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